Thiel’s Seductive CS3.7 Loudspeaker


There are many ‘esoteric’ looking loudspeakers out there and many of them offer more look than sound, not Thiel however. Thiel’s line of loudspeakers have consistently been among the best sounding loudspeakers in the world.

While I’ve always been found of the Thiel sound I have to admit to being lukewarm to the styling of past versions, the CS3.7 changed all of that the instant I saw it.

The new CS3.7 is 3-way, floor standing speaker that utilizes all newly developed drivers. A very high output 1-inch tweeter is coincidently mounted in the center of a 5-inch midrange that incorporates a new ribbed diaphragm geometry. The 10-inch woofer’s output is augmented by an auxiliary bass radiator.

The Thiel CS3.7 is expected to debut summer 2006, at select specialty dealers.

Infinity Cascade Model Nine

CascadeThere’s no denying that slim is in, slim LCD’s and plasma dominate the display market but what about speakers? Speakers have long been relegated to the let’s hide them as much as possible category but Infinity has other ideas for your next speaker system, let the world see them!

Infinity’s Cascade line of speakers incorporate MRS (Maximum Radiating Surface) flat-panel drivers for the bass and midrange drivers which allows for a much slimmer speaker footprint. A matching subwoofer and center channel are also available.

The Cascade line is available in cherry, high-gloss black and silver. More information about the line can be found at Infinity Systems.

Linn KOMPONENT system

KomponentThe Linn KOMPONENT system speakers are built using a unique aluminum extrusion which gives the speakers a clean modern look, but looks are only a portion of the appeal here. Having owned a pair of Linn speakers for over 10 years now, I can tell you they are without a doubt some of the most musical speakers I’ve ever heard. What’s that you say, don’t all speakers play music?

While it’s true that any working speaker is capable of sound playback I’d argue that they don’t all play music, or rather convey the depth of emotion music is capable of brining out in listeners.

If you’re in the market for stereo or surround components I wholeheartedly recommend visiting a Linn dealer, not only will you see some great equipment you’re very likely to hear some great music.

The Komponent System from Linn consists of:
KOMPONENT 110 (Floor standing Loudspeaker)
KOMPONENT 104 (Compact Loudspeakers)
KOMPONENT 106 (Left/Centre/Right Loudspeaker
KOMPONENT 120 (Active Bass-Reinforcement Loudspeakers)

Tannoy Arena speaker system

Tannoy ArenaHere’s an attractive little surround sound speaker system from Tannoy aptly named the Arena, which consists of stereo fronts, a pair of rears, center channel and active subwoofer. The satellites can be wall-mounted or mounted on the optional matching stands.

The system comprises four satellite loudspeakers, a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker and an active subwoofer. Accessories such as grilles, spikes, spike protection boots for use on polished surfaces, and 20 metres of speaker cable are provided, and stand options are available.

The Arena system is available in a choice of high gloss colors including: bronze, silver, white or black. More information at

Naim Audio n-System

Naim n-systemSat-sub speaker systems are a mixed bag, many of them look appealing enough, but lack the real fidelity needed for the accurate playback of music. On the other side of the coin many of the satellite / subwoofer speaker systems that sound good are still too big to blend into a rooms surroundings.

I’m confident in saying Naim has created the ultimate sat / sub speaker system. The n-System benefits from Naim’s long pedigree of tonally accurate, musically satisfying hi-fi gear.

Configured in a mirrored front / rear, separate center channel plus subwoofer arrangement, the n-System is capable of not only astonishingly realistic hi-fi playback, but impressive surround sound performance as well. All hyperbole aside, I worked in a specialist hi-fi shop for several years, and time and time again we saw Naim win in head-to-head demos with other speaker brands. If realistic full range sound reproduction is as important to you as the speaker’s aesthetics, I strongly recommend auditioning the n-System.

The Elac Imago, on-wall speaker system

imagoLet’s face it, even a gorgeous speaker still occupies precious floor space, but the Imago’s from Elac aren’t typical floor standing speakers. The Imago is actually an on-wall speaker that resembles artwork more than hi-fi, but to be perfectly honest the Imago’s aren’t speakers at all, they’re sonic transducer’s, meaning the flat panels ‘radiate’ sound as opposed to the audible vibrations created typical cone speakers.

Don’t be fooled by the technical specifications however, the Imago’s are meant to be seen as well as heard. The speaker is in essence a ‘picture frame’ with a screen-print front adhered to the transducer, on which various renderings, themes or even known artists can be displayed.

Plasma perfect speaker system

The idea of combining left center and right channels in a single cabinet, under plasma’s might not be new, but Mirage appears to have a product on their hands, which redefines how it’s done. The UNi Theater speaker system takes the LCR in one cabinet, beyond just simple driver placement. The divers of the UNi-Theater incorporate Mirage’s “Omnipolar” technology, which is said to give a much larger sense of spaciousness than the typical closed baffle design of other manufacturers.

Note: the above photo shows off the driver layout, but keep in mind, the included one-piece grille cover, would be much easier on the eyes for final installation.

Altoparlante Bello ? Sonus Faber’s beautiful Cremona

cremonaIf you dreamed of owning an Italian sports car growing up, like I did, but ‘grew-up’ before your bank account matched your dreams, maybe there’s another Italian product with sleek, smooth lines in your future. Sonus Faber long known for their gorgeous speaker cabinets manufactures the ‘Cremona‘ in limited numbers, at their factory in Vicenza Italy. Of which Stereophile magazine noted “It is also one of the best-looking speakers I have had in my listening room. Sweet, smooth, completely free from grain”.

Having seen some of the smaller Sonus bookshelf speakers for myself, I can attest these cabinets are on par with the finest cabinetry work I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Better than that, they actually play wonderful music as well.

Sonus Faber’s are available from specialty dealers, who can be contacted through their distributor ‘Sumiko‘ at 510.843.4500