Underbed Television Lift

underbedlift.jpgKeeping with the “Bed Theater” design ideas, the people over at Mk1 Studios had teamed up with K2 Mounts to offer another unique take on watching your media from bed. The Underbed Lift Mount is just that, a mount that holds your 42 or 50” plasma/lcd and lifts from underneath your queen or king size bed at the touch of a button.

The lift houses a special enclosure for all your typical A/V equipment and it supports 7.1 surround as well. Additional features include full rotation of the display for viewing from other parts of your bedroom, front and center channel housing under the display, and custom finishes so you can match your style.

Pricing for this cool space saver starts at $14K for the smaller display. Check out the video here.

Slideout Plasma Television Mount

inca_lift For the utmost in stealth plasma TV installations, Inca Corporation has devised the Side Slider. With the click of a remote your plasma television slides out of the wall from completely hidden to ready to view. The pullout mechanisms are available with or without tilt. Methods of remote operation are RF remote, Infra-red remote or dry contact, allowing for ‘one-touch’ operation.

While this does sound appealing (I’d love to have one) you should keep in mind that this type of installation would best be suited for a pre-construction application. That’s not to say one can’t be retro-fitted, but the cost and difficulty factor would no doubt increase in a retro-fit.