Home Theater in Bed


The High Fidelity Canopy or Hi-Can brings a new way to enjoy your media without leaving bed. With a built in projector, speakers, lighting, dvd player, and what looks like it could be a HTPC, you will be able to watch movies, listen to music, browse the internet, play video games, and even control your room.

A sleek control panel in the headboard is where the ability to do all these things without getting up come in to play. The screen for viewing is retractable, as well as the two screens on the side for total privacy. At the end of the bed, the foot board opens to reveal the dvd player/ htpc which are inset into the board and no cables are present; just clean, modern design with tons of function.

The details about the Hi-Can are few and far between right now. The designer, Edoardo Carlino of Deta Design is the creator of this new concept, but neither one has a release date yet. You can get a peek of the Hi-Can in action here.

Evesham Sound Stage X1


While this does not have a TV built in it and it is not a kitchen appliance, it does have nine speakers and can house a TV of your choice. The Evesham Sound Stage X1, which reasonably priced at $585, is a good bargain if you want that home theater sound without the mess of speaker placement and wire concealment, and without spending a lot.

According to Evesham’s website, the Sound Stage X1 uses the walls in your room to bounce the sound off so you get that home theater ambiance. The nine built-in speakers include two 20W center-channel speakers, four 30W front speakers, two rear 30W speakers for the surround, and a 50W subwoofer. Here are the rest of the specs:

Frequency Response 25Hz – 20KHz
Speakers 135mm x 1 woofer, 90mm x 6 full range
Controls Main control panel and remote control
Inputs MP3, 5.1, stereo
1 x 3.5mm jack for Mp3 player
1 x twin phono for stereo input
1 x 8pin connector for 5.1 surround sound
Leads Twin phono cable , 8 pin surround cable, mains cable

Readymade home theater

Custom home theater construction is often a lengthy and costly endeavor, but RBH has developed a modular on-site installation system that is said to cut installation time and the associated costs substantially. RBH’s CinemaSITE system consists of custom cabinetry and RBH’s surround sound speakers designed to be paired with an overhead video projector.


This preconfigured approach may not be for everyone, specifically to those applications where cabinetry isn’t required. But for those who want the custom home theater look without the muss n’ fuss associated with it, RBH’s CinemaSITE system may very well be worth a look.

Onkyo CB-SP1200

CBSP1200Yesterday I wrote about an equipment rack for your flat-screen television, that held the display and associated equipment, well here’s a stand that is part of the associated equipment. The Onkyo CB-SP1200 is a sleek minimalist stand with built-in left, center and right channel speakers.

Designed for a plasma or LCD monitor, the Onkyo CB-SP1200 rather ingenuously solves the ‘where to put the speakers’ dilemma once and for all, their built in! The finish is a hand-rubbed, seven-coat black lacquer, and the CB-SP1200 includes a cable management system on the rear of the stand.

The integrated left, center and right channel speakers are rated at 40 watts each, so while the stand would provide adequate sound reproduction from a small receiver or the speaker outputs from a plasma or LCD monitor, a beefy dedicated home theater receiver might be over kill.

BDI Cielo equipment stand

More often than not, the stand A/V equipment is placed on isn’t on par visually with the equipment itself. I’m pleased to say that BDI makes several furniture/stand solutions to bridge this gap.

The Cielo 9324 is a three shelf A/V stand capable of supporting up to a 50″ flat panel television, and has the necessary accoutrements for wire management and proper ventilation of your audio video equipment.

BDI stands and furniture can be found at specialty retailers across the US.


 rufAlong the same lines as the (The M.I.S.S – Music Image Sofa System) comes the Ruf-Cinema, this seems to be a popular idea of late, but to be honest I’m just not feeling it. Perhaps I’ve heard the ‘No TV’s in the bedroom’ speel one too many times, or maybe I’m just to tired to do anything but zonk out when I make it to the boudoir, but hey to each their own.

Regardless the Ruf-Cinema includes all the needed accouchements for bedroom cinema minus the actual projector. The screen (included) pops up from the foot of the bed via a remote control. Price you ask? $11,000.

Feng Shui your audio video system

 feng_shui_standI can’t say as I’ve actually ever been a follower of Feng Shui, but I do understand and incorporate a few principles of the ancient methodology into my designs. Well low and behold what do I run across, an article over at CE Lifestyles about just that.

The basic premise isn’t new, (blending your electronics into their surroundings) but in practicel these are all sound (pun intended) ideas here. The biggest one I’m in accordance with is ‘dumping the old CRT televisions’, I have to hope the days of 15″ deep TV’s are long since passed.

Sofa or theater?


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most impressive. Want to incorporate a home theater into an existing space, but didn?t plan for it ahead of time, or simply just don?t have enough extra space? The M.I.S.S (Music Image Sofa System) incorporates a Dolby surround system with subwoofers built into the arm rests and a retractable video projector that uses the M.I.S.S. media cabinet as a projection surface. All in all a self contained home theater system/sofa. In my line of work you really couldn?t ask for a better blend of form and function.

More information at Cassina USA

Home Theater recliner with style

And you thought all home theater seating pretty much looked alike, Irwin’s new Performance VIP line of home theater recliners certainly are distinctive looking, finished in leather with a wide selection of colors, these chairs offer a little more pizzazz than the regular old ‘theater chairs’.

Irwin’s special recline feature enables full footrest extension in both movie-watching and fully reclined positions. Irwin was founded in 1907, and is the largest and one of the oldest commercial theater seating manufacturers in the world.

Plasma Television Furniture by Cabinet Tronix

Plasma and LCD TV’s may be all the rage for some, but others never want to see a television in a room while not in use. That very goal can be met with custom A/V furniture from San Diego based Cabinet Tronix, whose products have been featured in magazines such as Newsweek, the Robb Report and Archi-Tech Magazine.

Cabinet Tronix specializes in plug and play home entertainment solutions, available in many styles, finishes and options. Turnkey packages with the plasma or LCD display already mounted, can also be arranged.

Monster’s M-Design A/V furniture


Long known for their interconnects and cables, Monster Cable has spun off a new business venture known as M-Design. The designs are based on the premise that furniture and audio video equipment can peacefully co-exist. The line of stylish products may solve long running feuds between designers and integrators. Nah, but one can dream.

Actually some of the designs are quite nice. Specifically the Eleganza line which provides plasma television solutions with matching speakers and similar styles to other pieces in the line that hide subwoofers in end cabinets.