Home Theater recliner with style

And you thought all home theater seating pretty much looked alike, Irwin’s new Performance VIP line of home theater recliners certainly are distinctive looking, finished in leather with a wide selection of colors, these chairs offer a little more pizzazz than the regular old ‘theater chairs’.

Irwin’s special recline feature enables full footrest extension in both movie-watching and fully reclined positions. Irwin was founded in 1907, and is the largest and one of the oldest commercial theater seating manufacturers in the world.

Plasma Television Furniture by Cabinet Tronix

Plasma and LCD TV’s may be all the rage for some, but others never want to see a television in a room while not in use. That very goal can be met with custom A/V furniture from San Diego based Cabinet Tronix, whose products have been featured in magazines such as Newsweek, the Robb Report and Archi-Tech Magazine.

Cabinet Tronix specializes in plug and play home entertainment solutions, available in many styles, finishes and options. Turnkey packages with the plasma or LCD display already mounted, can also be arranged.

Slideout Plasma Television Mount

inca_lift For the utmost in stealth plasma TV installations, Inca Corporation has devised the Side Slider. With the click of a remote your plasma television slides out of the wall from completely hidden to ready to view. The pullout mechanisms are available with or without tilt. Methods of remote operation are RF remote, Infra-red remote or dry contact, allowing for ‘one-touch’ operation.

While this does sound appealing (I’d love to have one) you should keep in mind that this type of installation would best be suited for a pre-construction application. That’s not to say one can’t be retro-fitted, but the cost and difficulty factor would no doubt increase in a retro-fit.

Monster’s M-Design A/V furniture


Long known for their interconnects and cables, Monster Cable has spun off a new business venture known as M-Design. The designs are based on the premise that furniture and audio video equipment can peacefully co-exist. The line of stylish products may solve long running feuds between designers and integrators. Nah, but one can dream.

Actually some of the designs are quite nice. Specifically the Eleganza line which provides plasma television solutions with matching speakers and similar styles to other pieces in the line that hide subwoofers in end cabinets.

InFocus 777 Video Projector

Home theater projectors used to be plain white square boxes, meant to display video and that was about it. I suppose one day a enlightened individual thought to himself, “these things don’t have to be bland looking at all” viola stylish video projectors were born. Ok I might be over simplifying things a tad, but the InFocus ScreenPlay 777 is far from boring looking.

The 777 has the brawn to match it’s looks, when it comes to video reproduction. Using three DLP chips (one per color segment) rather than the typical one, the 777 is able to deliver front projection performance, that will likely keep it in a field of few competitors, at least until 1080i/1080p chips from Texas Instruments are more widely available. The 777 is sold through InFocus’s “Cinema level” dealer’s network, a listing of those dealers and more information on the SP777 can be found at InFocus’s 777 pages.

In the round

rp9 Stylish electronics don’t always have to be the latest cutting edge technology. Sometimes something as tried and true as a turntable can be a exercise in modern design. The Pro-ject RPM 9 turntable for example with its smooth clean uncluttered design, might be just the item for someone yearning to dust off those old lp’s and reminisce about the days when you still had to go down to the local record shop to hear new music.

Not Exactly a large screen

tv/dvd But the Virgin Pulse portable TV/DVD is stylish nonetheless. With its 10.4″ LCD screen and built in DVD player , AM/FM and two headphone jacks, this product kind of screams take me with you. One of these would make a nice stocking stuffer if any of my secret Santa’s are reading?

Speaker or Sculpture?

beolab5 Love them or hate them one thing’s for sure, Bang & Olufsen have never designed ordinary looking products. The Beolab5 follows along with those design principals, but by taking a slightly new direction they’ve built something new, while still reminiscent of older lines.

Incorporating an ‘Acoustic Lens’ B&O have been able to elevate their loudspeakers to performance levels that older B&O owners might not even recognize. The drivers in the Beolab5’s are placed vertically with the sound dispersed past the lenses, giving an open airy ‘natural’ sound. Custom built room correction software in the Beolab5’s allow them to adapt to the room, permitting them to sound their best almost anywhere.

HDTV on the cheap

hs420One of the things discouraging many potential high definition television buyers, is the cost of the sets. Many newer HDTV displays average $1500.00 or more, this isn’t exorbitant, it’s just enough to make someone thinking twice, find their twice. The Sony KV-30HS420 might just be the set to see for those potential buyers. At 30″ diagonal its not one of the larger HDTV’s on the market, but if you take the buy in now and upgrade later path, this set would fit nicely in a bedroom or secondary viewing room.

The KV-30HS420 like many other hi-def CRT’s offers 1080i 16:9 native resolution and 3:2 pulldown detection, among other features. The KV-30HS420 doesn’t offer a tuner capable of receiving off air HDTV broadcasts, but the suggested retail of $999.00 and picture quality rivaling many of its competitors, make HD satellite service or hi-def cable for this set, a must.

Sony 30″ Hi-Scan FD Trinitron WEGA TV – KV-30HS420

iPort from Sonance, iGood iDea


Without a doubt the iPod has been one of the most important trends in not just home entertainment, but entertainment in general. ipod users spend a lot of time collecting and organizing their music collections, and many users can find a song on their ipod quicker than finding the CD it came from. With this in mind the recently announced iPort from Sonance, is a great way of extending that ease of use to the home.

The iPort allows users to simply “dock” the iPod into the wall and begin playing songs through the homes audio system. Sonance states the product will integrate not just with their whole0house audio systems, but those from other manufactures as well.

NHT Xd, DSP powered speakers

nht xd You may or may not know about active speaker systems, but the theory isn’t all that new, and it’s a very efficient means of audio playback. The idea is instead of amplifying the full frequency range, and then letting a passive crossover split the frequencies between the bass, mid and treble ranges, an electronic active crossover is used, splitting the frequencies, before their amplified.

The end result is instead of, say a 100 watt amplifier powering the entire frequency range, multiple smaller amplifiers handle bass mid and treble. So the power the speaker receives is actually more pronounced than if a single bigger power amplifier was used. Crossing over the frequencies via electronics also provides the ability to insert digital signal correction, in the path, compensating for room deficiencies.

NHT’s (Now Hear This) new Xd speaker system uses such an electronic crossover to achieve their impressive sound. The speakers themselves are very small and stylish, making them suitable for rooms with less than ideal space for large freestanding speakers.

Martin Logan Voyage, In-wall speakers

martin logan voyageFor the most part, the speakers that are attached to, or included with most plasma television displays sound at best mediocre. The majority of the time you can get much better sound, with an accompanying surround sound system or at least a good pair of stereo speakers, providing the sound for the plasma.

For situations where the overall look needs to remain uncluttered, The Martin Logan Voyage, hybrid in-walls, are worth a look. At around $1995.00 suggested retail, they certainly aren’t the cheapest in-walls on the market, but they may be some of the best.

The Martin Logan Voyage’s use a hybrid driver configuration, only the woofers remain standard cone type drivers. The tweeter and mid-range are ML’s ATF (Advanced Thin Film) material, a derivative of Martin Logans famous electrostatic transducers, this ‘ATF’ driver material is said to offer extremely realistic highs and midrange.

Samsung HL-P5085W

HL-P5085WThis television from Samsung, kind of sums-up what were about here. Sleek, stylish electronics from manufacturers who understand style, as well as function. The HL-P5085W from Samsung, has that classic simple elegance, of a parked Vespa scooter. But the Television might actually perform better. This set use’s DLP technology, so the case is very shallow compared to the picture size, roughly 20″ compared to its 50″ screen size.

With a native resolution of 1280 x 720, this set can more than handle Hi-definition signals, and signal choices won’t be a problem, as the HL-P5085W offers a full array of HDMI and DVI connections.

Samsung HL-P5085W