Light Emitting Wallpaper

At first glance, these walls look like they are reflecting light instead of actually producing it. The designer Jonas Sampson explained that the technology behind light emitting wallpaper is an old one, just applied in a different way.  “The back layer is a silver-based solution that conducts electricity, while the layer above this contains phosphorous pigments that light up. On top of this is a flexible, transparent ITO conductor layer, with regular wallpaper placed on top to act as the final, outwardly visual layer.”

Neat as it maybe, I wonder how usable this type of wallpaper actually is. When the wallpaper is turned ‘off’, it looks just like a regular wall. Maybe the designer could add visual detail to it as well, when it is in off mode. Either way, it looks like a fun thing to have on your walls.

Jason Roebuck’s Apple Remotes


Fresh and innovative ways to recreate an old standard into something new and exciting is not unknown to us here at Electronic Décor, and this design idea for a remote is definitely just that. The Apple Remotes (not sure how Apple will feel about the name) which come in a pack of four, can be programmed for your own personal TV viewing preferences. They respond to motion kind of like a Wiimote, but with a simpler idea in mind. When you move the apple to the left it lowers the volume and if you move it to the right it raises it.

The “bowl” that the apples sit in is their charging station, so you don’t have to constantly replace the batteries. And the charging station is quite stylish which will match most any décor. All the apples are purposely a different shade from one another so you know which one is yours. Hopefully there is a way to have one remote override another remote, or it will be all out battle trying to watch TV with two or more people controlling what you watch. At the moment the Apple Remote is just a design concept of Jason Roebuck’s but we hope that with the help of Sony the design will make it into production. Via Yanko Design.

Underbed Television Lift

underbedlift.jpgKeeping with the “Bed Theater” design ideas, the people over at Mk1 Studios had teamed up with K2 Mounts to offer another unique take on watching your media from bed. The Underbed Lift Mount is just that, a mount that holds your 42 or 50” plasma/lcd and lifts from underneath your queen or king size bed at the touch of a button.

The lift houses a special enclosure for all your typical A/V equipment and it supports 7.1 surround as well. Additional features include full rotation of the display for viewing from other parts of your bedroom, front and center channel housing under the display, and custom finishes so you can match your style.

Pricing for this cool space saver starts at $14K for the smaller display. Check out the video here.

Home Theater in Bed


The High Fidelity Canopy or Hi-Can brings a new way to enjoy your media without leaving bed. With a built in projector, speakers, lighting, dvd player, and what looks like it could be a HTPC, you will be able to watch movies, listen to music, browse the internet, play video games, and even control your room.

A sleek control panel in the headboard is where the ability to do all these things without getting up come in to play. The screen for viewing is retractable, as well as the two screens on the side for total privacy. At the end of the bed, the foot board opens to reveal the dvd player/ htpc which are inset into the board and no cables are present; just clean, modern design with tons of function.

The details about the Hi-Can are few and far between right now. The designer, Edoardo Carlino of Deta Design is the creator of this new concept, but neither one has a release date yet. You can get a peek of the Hi-Can in action here.

Wovin Wall

Wovin WallThis tiled wall grid is a great way to add modern interchangeable design to your living space, along with lighting and color. The Wovin Wall System consists of a lightweight mounting grid which can be fixed to any wall or ceiling surface. The tiles, which are available in various finishes, are clipped into the grid in alternating directions to create the woven pattern.

Finishes include wood, laminate, metal, polypropylene (which is basically a thick opaque plastic), and even custom images if you want to get fancy. The tiles can be easily replaced or updated with a new color, finish, or tile shape to suit changes in seasons or style.

Place a light behind the tiles and you have an instant lighting fixture/ art piece that is modern and clean in design. The genius thing about the grid and panels is that you can hide any imperfections on your walls, so no “painting prep” needed. If you are not interested in wall decorating, try looking up. The grid can be fixed directly to ceilings without preparation in the same way as walls and translucent grid can be put in place of previous lighting fixtures to allow light through. The grid can also be suspended to create a false ceiling.

Evesham Sound Stage X1


While this does not have a TV built in it and it is not a kitchen appliance, it does have nine speakers and can house a TV of your choice. The Evesham Sound Stage X1, which reasonably priced at $585, is a good bargain if you want that home theater sound without the mess of speaker placement and wire concealment, and without spending a lot.

According to Evesham’s website, the Sound Stage X1 uses the walls in your room to bounce the sound off so you get that home theater ambiance. The nine built-in speakers include two 20W center-channel speakers, four 30W front speakers, two rear 30W speakers for the surround, and a 50W subwoofer. Here are the rest of the specs:

Frequency Response 25Hz – 20KHz
Speakers 135mm x 1 woofer, 90mm x 6 full range
Controls Main control panel and remote control
Inputs MP3, 5.1, stereo
1 x 3.5mm jack for Mp3 player
1 x twin phono for stereo input
1 x 8pin connector for 5.1 surround sound
Leads Twin phono cable , 8 pin surround cable, mains cable

LG’s LCD Refrigerator

lg fridgeWell how do you top a microwave with a LCD television mounted in the front door? with a refrigerator that has a LCD television mounted in the door of course.

That’s right LG has integrated a 15″ LCD TV with FM Radio, Remote Control and 1024 x 768 resolution into the side door of their new LSC27990 side-by-side refrigerator.

Not only that but the model also incorporates NBC’s Weather Plus service into the set-up. Weather Plus is a 24-hour weather network that allows you to receive up to the minute weather updates, and you thought the fridge was just for keeping things cold.

The LSC27990 feature include:

• 15″ LCD TV with FM Radio, Remote Control and 1024 x 768 resolution
• SpacePlus™ Ice System
• Available in Premium Titanium Finish with Matching Metal Handles
• Contour Doors with Hidden Hinges

Whirlpool Microwave Television

microwavetvI was trying to think of clever titles for this one, microwave your television? how about what’s on the microwave? But the idea is just so simple yet so clever at the same time, I decided to play it straight.

Whirlpool recently showed off a Microwave slash Television concept, that has a flat-screen TV on the front and a tiny camera inside so you can see what’s cooking.

I just, I mean yeah why not? how many kitchens have microwaves, almost all, how many kitchens have a small LCD’s tucked away in the corner or mounted under the cabinet? more and more lately it seems, a marriage of these products just makes a lot of sense in my opinion. Although I might be a tad bit more interested in watching television than spending an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, I can see this as a great space saver.

Source HGTV.

Thiel’s Seductive CS3.7 Loudspeaker


There are many ‘esoteric’ looking loudspeakers out there and many of them offer more look than sound, not Thiel however. Thiel’s line of loudspeakers have consistently been among the best sounding loudspeakers in the world.

While I’ve always been found of the Thiel sound I have to admit to being lukewarm to the styling of past versions, the CS3.7 changed all of that the instant I saw it.

The new CS3.7 is 3-way, floor standing speaker that utilizes all newly developed drivers. A very high output 1-inch tweeter is coincidently mounted in the center of a 5-inch midrange that incorporates a new ribbed diaphragm geometry. The 10-inch woofer’s output is augmented by an auxiliary bass radiator.

The Thiel CS3.7 is expected to debut summer 2006, at select specialty dealers.



Prayer beads + remote control = remobeads?

From the designer’s website:

Imagine a TV remote control combined with beads. You can do much better than pressing buttons, switching channels in hope to find something interesting. Shape your habitual time-spending in unusual form.

Nowadays TV-set is not longer accepted as a mere reciever – it had transformed into a cult object, the thing we can watch and interact with for hours, the source of our knowledge and inspiration. If you accept this statement with humor, as a matter of fact – go after our new design of TV remote – remote control combined with beads (remobeads).

Now you can shift between channels effortless – just slightly pressing the beads. The beads are glowing, so you can easily see them in the darkness. As an option you can add a sound – enjoy listening to your favourite mantras while switching the channels.

Infinity Cascade Model Nine

CascadeThere’s no denying that slim is in, slim LCD’s and plasma dominate the display market but what about speakers? Speakers have long been relegated to the let’s hide them as much as possible category but Infinity has other ideas for your next speaker system, let the world see them!

Infinity’s Cascade line of speakers incorporate MRS (Maximum Radiating Surface) flat-panel drivers for the bass and midrange drivers which allows for a much slimmer speaker footprint. A matching subwoofer and center channel are also available.

The Cascade line is available in cherry, high-gloss black and silver. More information about the line can be found at Infinity Systems.

Linn KOMPONENT system

KomponentThe Linn KOMPONENT system speakers are built using a unique aluminum extrusion which gives the speakers a clean modern look, but looks are only a portion of the appeal here. Having owned a pair of Linn speakers for over 10 years now, I can tell you they are without a doubt some of the most musical speakers I’ve ever heard. What’s that you say, don’t all speakers play music?

While it’s true that any working speaker is capable of sound playback I’d argue that they don’t all play music, or rather convey the depth of emotion music is capable of brining out in listeners.

If you’re in the market for stereo or surround components I wholeheartedly recommend visiting a Linn dealer, not only will you see some great equipment you’re very likely to hear some great music.

The Komponent System from Linn consists of:
KOMPONENT 110 (Floor standing Loudspeaker)
KOMPONENT 104 (Compact Loudspeakers)
KOMPONENT 106 (Left/Centre/Right Loudspeaker
KOMPONENT 120 (Active Bass-Reinforcement Loudspeakers)

NEC Home Theater planner

Home Theater PlannerNormally I wouldn’t even mention a piece of literature from a consumer electronics company, but this one actually has some useful info in it. Mimicking the layout of a color-swatch binder, the Home Theater Planner has tips and facts for:

Room planning, optimum viewing distance, HDTV terminology, how to set up a plasma and a rather amusing family room planner grid, with stick on furniture to boot!

In all seriousness, as I said I wouldn’t normally even mention something like this, but the planners compact size and handy tips make it worthwhile. Grab yours here.

Tannoy Arena speaker system

Tannoy ArenaHere’s an attractive little surround sound speaker system from Tannoy aptly named the Arena, which consists of stereo fronts, a pair of rears, center channel and active subwoofer. The satellites can be wall-mounted or mounted on the optional matching stands.

The system comprises four satellite loudspeakers, a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker and an active subwoofer. Accessories such as grilles, spikes, spike protection boots for use on polished surfaces, and 20 metres of speaker cable are provided, and stand options are available.

The Arena system is available in a choice of high gloss colors including: bronze, silver, white or black. More information at

Readymade home theater

Custom home theater construction is often a lengthy and costly endeavor, but RBH has developed a modular on-site installation system that is said to cut installation time and the associated costs substantially. RBH’s CinemaSITE system consists of custom cabinetry and RBH’s surround sound speakers designed to be paired with an overhead video projector.


This preconfigured approach may not be for everyone, specifically to those applications where cabinetry isn’t required. But for those who want the custom home theater look without the muss n’ fuss associated with it, RBH’s CinemaSITE system may very well be worth a look.