Jason Roebuck’s Apple Remotes


Fresh and innovative ways to recreate an old standard into something new and exciting is not unknown to us here at Electronic Décor, and this design idea for a remote is definitely just that. The Apple Remotes (not sure how Apple will feel about the name) which come in a pack of four, can be programmed for your own personal TV viewing preferences. They respond to motion kind of like a Wiimote, but with a simpler idea in mind. When you move the apple to the left it lowers the volume and if you move it to the right it raises it.

The “bowl” that the apples sit in is their charging station, so you don’t have to constantly replace the batteries. And the charging station is quite stylish which will match most any décor. All the apples are purposely a different shade from one another so you know which one is yours. Hopefully there is a way to have one remote override another remote, or it will be all out battle trying to watch TV with two or more people controlling what you watch. At the moment the Apple Remote is just a design concept of Jason Roebuck’s but we hope that with the help of Sony the design will make it into production. Via Yanko Design.

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