Home Theater in Bed


The High Fidelity Canopy or Hi-Can brings a new way to enjoy your media without leaving bed. With a built in projector, speakers, lighting, dvd player, and what looks like it could be a HTPC, you will be able to watch movies, listen to music, browse the internet, play video games, and even control your room.

A sleek control panel in the headboard is where the ability to do all these things without getting up come in to play. The screen for viewing is retractable, as well as the two screens on the side for total privacy. At the end of the bed, the foot board opens to reveal the dvd player/ htpc which are inset into the board and no cables are present; just clean, modern design with tons of function.

The details about the Hi-Can are few and far between right now. The designer, Edoardo Carlino of Deta Design is the creator of this new concept, but neither one has a release date yet. You can get a peek of the Hi-Can in action here.

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