Evesham Sound Stage X1


While this does not have a TV built in it and it is not a kitchen appliance, it does have nine speakers and can house a TV of your choice. The Evesham Sound Stage X1, which reasonably priced at $585, is a good bargain if you want that home theater sound without the mess of speaker placement and wire concealment, and without spending a lot.

According to Evesham’s website, the Sound Stage X1 uses the walls in your room to bounce the sound off so you get that home theater ambiance. The nine built-in speakers include two 20W center-channel speakers, four 30W front speakers, two rear 30W speakers for the surround, and a 50W subwoofer. Here are the rest of the specs:

Frequency Response 25Hz – 20KHz
Speakers 135mm x 1 woofer, 90mm x 6 full range
Controls Main control panel and remote control
Inputs MP3, 5.1, stereo
1 x 3.5mm jack for Mp3 player
1 x twin phono for stereo input
1 x 8pin connector for 5.1 surround sound
Leads Twin phono cable , 8 pin surround cable, mains cable

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  1. Where can i purchase a remote control handset for my Evesham sound stage x1. I am desperate as my dog has EAT it.
    please can you HELP.
    Many thanks.

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