Whirlpool Microwave Television

microwavetvI was trying to think of clever titles for this one, microwave your television? how about what’s on the microwave? But the idea is just so simple yet so clever at the same time, I decided to play it straight.

Whirlpool recently showed off a Microwave slash Television concept, that has a flat-screen TV on the front and a tiny camera inside so you can see what’s cooking.

I just, I mean yeah why not? how many kitchens have microwaves, almost all, how many kitchens have a small LCD’s tucked away in the corner or mounted under the cabinet? more and more lately it seems, a marriage of these products just makes a lot of sense in my opinion. Although I might be a tad bit more interested in watching television than spending an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, I can see this as a great space saver.

Source HGTV.

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