Thiel’s Seductive CS3.7 Loudspeaker


There are many ‘esoteric’ looking loudspeakers out there and many of them offer more look than sound, not Thiel however. Thiel’s line of loudspeakers have consistently been among the best sounding loudspeakers in the world.

While I’ve always been found of the Thiel sound I have to admit to being lukewarm to the styling of past versions, the CS3.7 changed all of that the instant I saw it.

The new CS3.7 is 3-way, floor standing speaker that utilizes all newly developed drivers. A very high output 1-inch tweeter is coincidently mounted in the center of a 5-inch midrange that incorporates a new ribbed diaphragm geometry. The 10-inch woofer’s output is augmented by an auxiliary bass radiator.

The Thiel CS3.7 is expected to debut summer 2006, at select specialty dealers.

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