Linn KOMPONENT system

KomponentThe Linn KOMPONENT system speakers are built using a unique aluminum extrusion which gives the speakers a clean modern look, but looks are only a portion of the appeal here. Having owned a pair of Linn speakers for over 10 years now, I can tell you they are without a doubt some of the most musical speakers I’ve ever heard. What’s that you say, don’t all speakers play music?

While it’s true that any working speaker is capable of sound playback I’d argue that they don’t all play music, or rather convey the depth of emotion music is capable of brining out in listeners.

If you’re in the market for stereo or surround components I wholeheartedly recommend visiting a Linn dealer, not only will you see some great equipment you’re very likely to hear some great music.

The Komponent System from Linn consists of:
KOMPONENT 110 (Floor standing Loudspeaker)
KOMPONENT 104 (Compact Loudspeakers)
KOMPONENT 106 (Left/Centre/Right Loudspeaker
KOMPONENT 120 (Active Bass-Reinforcement Loudspeakers)

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