Onkyo CB-SP1200

CBSP1200Yesterday I wrote about an equipment rack for your flat-screen television, that held the display and associated equipment, well here’s a stand that is part of the associated equipment. The Onkyo CB-SP1200 is a sleek minimalist stand with built-in left, center and right channel speakers.

Designed for a plasma or LCD monitor, the Onkyo CB-SP1200 rather ingenuously solves the ‘where to put the speakers’ dilemma once and for all, their built in! The finish is a hand-rubbed, seven-coat black lacquer, and the CB-SP1200 includes a cable management system on the rear of the stand.

The integrated left, center and right channel speakers are rated at 40 watts each, so while the stand would provide adequate sound reproduction from a small receiver or the speaker outputs from a plasma or LCD monitor, a beefy dedicated home theater receiver might be over kill.

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