Naim Audio n-System

Naim n-systemSat-sub speaker systems are a mixed bag, many of them look appealing enough, but lack the real fidelity needed for the accurate playback of music. On the other side of the coin many of the satellite / subwoofer speaker systems that sound good are still too big to blend into a rooms surroundings.

I’m confident in saying Naim has created the ultimate sat / sub speaker system. The n-System benefits from Naim’s long pedigree of tonally accurate, musically satisfying hi-fi gear.

Configured in a mirrored front / rear, separate center channel plus subwoofer arrangement, the n-System is capable of not only astonishingly realistic hi-fi playback, but impressive surround sound performance as well. All hyperbole aside, I worked in a specialist hi-fi shop for several years, and time and time again we saw Naim win in head-to-head demos with other speaker brands. If realistic full range sound reproduction is as important to you as the speaker’s aesthetics, I strongly recommend auditioning the n-System.

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