Philips Streamium WACS700

WACS700Wireless music throughout the home is a reality, either via iTunes and an AirPort Express or similar product. What about those seeking to stream music around the house, with a little more panache?

The Philips Streamium WACS700 Wireless Music Center ($1,000, available second half of 2005) promises just that. With head turning looks and a 40GB hard drive capable of holding up to 750 CD’s, the WACS700 might just be the all in one answer to those desiring music anywhere around the home, without the potential headache of setting up a wireless network.

The Streamium hub uses an 802.11g Wi-Fi connection to stream music to up to five satellite stations ($300 each). Included with the system is a two-way remote control with an LCD for displaying artist and track information from the built-in Gracenote CDDB database. Another handy feature of the WACS700 is the ‘Music Follows Me’ feature which allows your music to move with you seamlessly as you go from room to room.

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