Sony Qualia SACD player

qualia_007Ask anyone ‘in the know’ what has been one of the hottest names in consumer electronics recently and Qualia has to be in the top ten. Sony (Qualia) introduced a snazzy new SACD player at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, The Qualia 007 (gotta love that name). This is no mere ‘CD player’ as evident in how the discs are moved through the transparent display. A ‘show’ of sorts take place in preparation of playback, reports from CES indicated it has a rather unique way of handling and cueing up to disc’s prior to play.

The 007 includes built-in 75-watt per channel S-Master digital amplifier. Sony also designed a set of custom speakers for the 007 as a bundled option. The system will read both SACD and CD audio discs, but before you place your order prepare for the sticker shock. How about a hefty 10k for the system itself or 12k for the package with speakers. Qualia products are sold exclusively though it’s stores in New York and Las Vegas and Cierge dealers.