InFocus 777 Video Projector

Home theater projectors used to be plain white square boxes, meant to display video and that was about it. I suppose one day a enlightened individual thought to himself, “these things don’t have to be bland looking at all” viola stylish video projectors were born. Ok I might be over simplifying things a tad, but the InFocus ScreenPlay 777 is far from boring looking.

The 777 has the brawn to match it’s looks, when it comes to video reproduction. Using three DLP chips (one per color segment) rather than the typical one, the 777 is able to deliver front projection performance, that will likely keep it in a field of few competitors, at least until 1080i/1080p chips from Texas Instruments are more widely available. The 777 is sold through InFocus’s “Cinema level” dealer’s network, a listing of those dealers and more information on the SP777 can be found at InFocus’s 777 pages.