Martin Logan Voyage, In-wall speakers

martin logan voyageFor the most part, the speakers that are attached to, or included with most plasma television displays sound at best mediocre. The majority of the time you can get much better sound, with an accompanying surround sound system or at least a good pair of stereo speakers, providing the sound for the plasma.

For situations where the overall look needs to remain uncluttered, The Martin Logan Voyage, hybrid in-walls, are worth a look. At around $1995.00 suggested retail, they certainly aren’t the cheapest in-walls on the market, but they may be some of the best.

The Martin Logan Voyage’s use a hybrid driver configuration, only the woofers remain standard cone type drivers. The tweeter and mid-range are ML’s ATF (Advanced Thin Film) material, a derivative of Martin Logans famous electrostatic transducers, this ‘ATF’ driver material is said to offer extremely realistic highs and midrange.