HDTV on the cheap

hs420One of the things discouraging many potential high definition television buyers, is the cost of the sets. Many newer HDTV displays average $1500.00 or more, this isn’t exorbitant, it’s just enough to make someone thinking twice, find their twice. The Sony KV-30HS420 might just be the set to see for those potential buyers. At 30″ diagonal its not one of the larger HDTV’s on the market, but if you take the buy in now and upgrade later path, this set would fit nicely in a bedroom or secondary viewing room.

The KV-30HS420 like many other hi-def CRT’s offers 1080i 16:9 native resolution and 3:2 pulldown detection, among other features. The KV-30HS420 doesn’t offer a tuner capable of receiving off air HDTV broadcasts, but the suggested retail of $999.00 and picture quality rivaling many of its competitors, make HD satellite service or hi-def cable for this set, a must.

Sony 30″ Hi-Scan FD Trinitron WEGA TV – KV-30HS420