Hard Drive Based Entertainment Servers

kaleidescapeHard drive based music and movie server systems are here to stay. The trend of late can only gain momentum as time goes on. It’s really just a natural progression started by the MP3 based music servers, and adopted by systems like Kaleidescape and AMX’s MAX Integrated Content Server.

Content rich appliances aren’t always hard drive based, most notably, Escient’s DVDM-100. But these types of products, in future years will become the exception not the rule, up until now, the cost hard drive space and standardization have been the biggest pitfall of such systems, this will change in the coming months and years, as hardware prices fall.

Look for consumer electronic appliances that store movies music photos and more to become the norm, standardization will likely be the biggest hurdle but if the TiVo model is applied, a general if not universal standard shouldn’t be out of the question.